The Art of Communication

Being in quarantine has made some of us a little rusty about in person conversations. When we talk online, we can communicate whenever we decide to. We can wait to respond to the other person. We’ve gotten used to playing on our phones while someone is talking on Zoom. We can check out on a lot of conversations. Often when we build an online community, we are talking to people who think the same way as us and have similar interests.


Truth is, being with people in person is a little harder. People notice when you check out of the conversation. In person, we also have to interact with family and friends who we disagree with. How do we talk to people again?


The best way to talk to people is to be a great listener. People want to be seen and appreciated. Ask questions. Really listen to the answers. Ask follow up questions. For loved ones that we disagree with, can you find any common ground? If you know you can’t change someone’s mind, and an argument about an issue will trigger you, can you talk about a hobby they enjoy? A movie they’ve seen? It may take a little work, let’s find a way to practice communicating again!

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