5 Different Words For Happy

I’m an extreme extrovert. It took me awhile to realize that my happy didn’t always have to be big and boisterous. Here are some different ways your happy can look like.

1. Excitement: This is the fun, celebratory happy! Think amusement park, parades, parties!!!!

2. Contentment: A more quiet, comfortable happy. Soft pajamas, cuddled with a pet in your lap and a good book or TV show.

3. Satisfaction: How you feel after a really good meal or a job well done.

4. Relief: To me, this can be an intense, brief happy. Think about how you feel after you’ve been in physical or mental pain and you finally feel better. Our memory of pain can be short do this one is brief unless you turn it into…

5. Gratitude: Nothing turns my mind to happy better than being grateful for all the good in my life!!

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