The Magic Of Doing Nothing

My newer dog, Max, has been trying to adjust to the changes involved with Becca coming home. We moved another chair into the loft and it freaked him out. Now, he won’t come upstairs and have cuddle time while we watch TV in the evenings. I’ve been making sure to still give him lots of love and attention. Right now, his favorite spot is when I sit on the stairs and he drapes himself over one of my legs. Of course, his dog brother, Pluto, drapes himself over my other leg. Today, on the stairs, is where I made a magical discovery! I had left my phone on the table. Becca was upstairs, Charlie was at the store, and I was stuck on the stairs with puppies. It was raining outside. I spent the most relaxing time, just snuggling puppies and listening to the rain!!!


We fill our down time so much with screens these days! I bet the majority of us bring the phone into the bathroom. Shoot, most of the time, we’re playing games on the phone even with another screen playing a movie. When was the last time you actually did nothing? Give it a try today! Just sit without a screen. Listen to the noises around you. Snuggle with a pet. Let your mind wander. Give us a comment and let us know how it goes!

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