Live Life To The Fullest At Every Age

Becca and I were having a conversation last night about being proud of who you are. She was telling me that she really likes who she is. She likes that she is genuinely herself in every situation. She is proud of the decisions she makes. She’s not quite 21 yet and she’s excited to see where life will take her.

It got me to thinking. I turned 51 last month. A lot of my peers start talking about slowing down, resting more, and preparing for the future. Those all all great goals, but they imply that we are done growing. If I live to 85, I still have 40% of my life left!! I have done a lot of living and growing in my 51 years. I cannot even imagine how much I can grow from here. Add in that these next 30+ years I can focus more on my needs now that finances are fairly stable and kids are grown.

The point is, life is our playground to live and play and learn in. Live it to the fullest at every age!!!

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