Lack Thinking

I had an ego blow the other day. Someone else got something that I wanted. I got disgruntled and indulged in lack thinking. For a moment, I forgot that there is enough for all of us. Just because someone else got it doesn’t mean that they took it away from me.

I went ahead and griped for a few hours. I felt competitive and wanted the world to see that I deserved it! Me, me, me, I. After a few hours of feeling that pain, I started asking the Universe to help me heal the pain I was feeling. It became very clear to me that I needed to remember to celebrate the success and joys of others. This person took nothing out of my hands. They more than likely had no idea that I even wanted it. This competition was in my own mind. I have a strong belief that things always work for my greatest good and for the greatest good of all involved.

Competition is good when it makes us strive to be better, but not when we we want to tear others down. Let’s all work towards collaboration of the greatest good.

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