Feelings Aren’t Always Rational

I woke up sad today. I’ve had a great week. I’ve had friendship time. I’ve helped people. I pretty much felt like a rock star, and then… I heard about an event that I felt I should have been invited to, but wasn’t. Of course, it was all over social media. I don’t think I was intentionally blocked out, just overlooked. It’s not a crowd I run with anymore. It brought back all the times that I’ve been excluded, misunderstood, unappreciated. Has this ever happened to you? Of course it has! You’re human! Sometimes something as little as the remnants of a dream can have us feeling off.

So, what to do? First of all, I identified what I was sad about. It didn’t change it, but it helped to name it. I did something different today than I normally do. I let myself be sad. Normally, I try to rationalize it away. These are past feelings. I have people in my life who appreciate me. All of this is true, but it’s okay for me to feel the past sad. I am being gentle with myself today and letting my feelings flow. I am hopeful that by letting this be, tomorrow will be a brand new day and I will be back to my usual self.

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