Spiritual Toolbox

At my church service today, the minister mentioned a list of spiritual practices on the ministry’s website. Curiosity had me turning to the Internet. I think this is a great list no matter whether you are religious, spiritual, or seeking a deeper connection. How many of these do you practice?

Affirmations: Short, powerful statements affirming something positive in your reality.

Denials: Letting go of false or negative beliefs.

Creative Work: Write, sing, draw, doodle, dance.

Forgiveness: Let go of negative connections. Forgive yourself and others.

Happy Playlist



Self Care

Self Reflection: Think about your life. What is going right? Are there negative patterns? Where can you improve?

Social Action: We need to take care of each other and our home.

The Silence: Take time to turn everything off and sit in the silence.

Visioning: What does your best future look like?

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