Being Your Worst Critic

I debated sharing this story because I’m frustrated with myself, but maybe it can help someone be compassionate with themselves.

I’ve been having a horrible allergy season. I’ve already had a steroid shot and still need a bunch of antihistamines. Last week, I’ve had bad asthma. I’ve never experienced an attack like this. Years ago, I had pneumonia. I went to the doctor and got antibiotics and an inhaler. A few days later, I was at the ER. They said it was worse and gave me stronger medicine. A few days after that, I was still struggling and “knew” I should be fine after the doctor and ER. I finally called the doctor and really was worse and almost got admitted to the hospital.

So currently, my asthma has been scary. I went to the doctor. My oxygen level is good, but I have inflammation in my lungs. I’ve been struggling with my breath even after getting more medicine. I finally decided to go to Urgent Care (of course on a Saturday evening when they were all close). I ended up at a stand alone ER. Anyone who knows me will say that I am the queen of sucking it up. For me to decide to go to an ER means that I was really scared. What happened at the ER? The doctor said everything was fine. My oxygen level is good and my lungs sound clear. So basically, I went to the ER for nothing. Super embarrassing!

The story here is that I was really beating myself up about spending money and time when everything was fine. My family of course had a different take and we’re grateful that I was okay. I hate to break it to you, but we are all human and get things wrong sometimes. Give yourself a break. Let go of criticizing yourself.

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