Know Your Body

We all have stories of knowing that we had something off with our health, finally going to the doctor, then having it confirmed. Oftentimes, we delay going to the doctor because, “It’s probably all in my head.” You know your body than anyone else!! We need to pay attention to what’s going on with it, so we can get help when we need it.

This includes advocating for yourself with the doctor, family, and friends. If you aren’t feeling right, it doesn’t matter if you “should” be fine. If what the doctor says, doesn’t resonate with you, get a second opinion. Are there other things that could be causing your symptoms? Even if it’s “all in your head,” that’s a reason to seek a mental health doctor.

Mental health is also part of your body!!! When I say to check in with yourself and pay attention to symptoms, these are physical and emotional. Are you more sad or anxious lately, with or without situational changes?

No matter what is going on, only you know what you are feeling, only you know when to seek help and only you can advocate for your needs!

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