Rest Shouldn’t Be A Four Letter Word

We all know that all the really good swear words are four letter words. Most of my life, I counted “rest” as one of them. I was always focused on being productive or meeting with friends, or trying to find new hobbies. Really, anything that would keep me busy!

I got a new health diagnosis recently, mast cell activation syndrome. Basically, my body is confused and thinks that it’s allergic to everything, including itself. It’s another autoimmune condition to add to my diabetes, Hashimoto’s, and celiac. They are all inflammation diseases. One of the prescriptions from my doctor was rest. He recommended tai chi, yoga, meditation, rest (obviously in addition to medication).

So now, I am trying to embrace rest time. I put my phone down. I do a meditation. Snuggle with the dogs. Relax. Guess what? The world is still spinning. It didn’t need me to be in constant motion to keep turning. Try it and see what happens. Put the phone down. Shut off the TV and music. Embrace the quiet. Enjoy!
#getmorehappy #relax #rest #selfcare #unplug

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