What’s Your Gift To Humanity?

My husband, Charlie, said the sweetest thing to me yesterday. He told me that I have a gift for connecting with people and that he was very proud of me for giving that gift into the world. This was a big thing for me!

I grew up in a generation where I had to prove, that as a woman, I was as smart and as capable as men. I earned an aircraft engineering degree and worked for a small company for several years. I swore to Charlie when we got married that I would not be a stay at home mom. My career was too important to me. I had worked super hard to achieve it. Circumstances came and I left my job, got pregnant, and was lucky to make the choice to be home with my girls. Along the way, I’ve found a passion for connecting with people. I’m blessed to work for love of what I do since we are financially stable with Charlie’s job.

You see, money isn’t the best measure of the worth of your job. What gifts can you bring to the world? If you can get paid to do it, great. If not, work for money and pursue your gifts and passions through hobbies. We all have gifts. It can be art, organization, connection, so many other things. Your passions and gifts light the world and the world needs your light! #getmorehappy #passion #giveyourgift #shareyourlight

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