Elaina’s 2022 Intention – Hygge

My favorite New Year tradition is finding a word that encompasses my intentions for the year. I knew exactly what I was trying to express, but couldn’t find the word for it. Luckily, my dear friend, Courtney, came to the rescue. My 2022 intention is hygge.

Hygge is part of the Danish culture. It means a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment and well being. Think of a soft blanket, warm puppy, and good book on a cold day. Or a gentle breeze and the smell of jasmine on a hot day. Basically, to me, hygge, means a bliss bubble.

I am trying to give my mind and body more of what it craves these days, which is rest and peace. My kids are adults now and my role is moving to one of advisor when asked. The thought of hygge this year sounds perfect!
#getmorehappy #2022intention #hygge

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