Becca’s 2022 Intention – Forward

Hey friends this is Becca! So my family has a really cool tradition that instead of new years resolutions, we come up with words of intention! I love to come up with my word by practicing being grateful in advance. So for me this year, I want to be grateful that I continued moving forward up the path I’m on right now. So my word is forward. This past year I struggled a lot with mental health, school stuff, and all kinds of relationships. Near the end of the year, I figured out all my mental health stuff and started seeing a counselor which is helping astronomically. I also met my best friend who makes my life 10x better than it ever was before. I just changed my major in school and am now on the path I want to be on. So I think forward is such a perfect word for me to focus on this year because in the wise words of Cornelius Robinson from the movie Meet The Robinsons, i want to “keep moving forward.”

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