Not Lazy!

I had such a great affirming conversation this morning! I teach water aerobics and was discussing with my class that every instructor has different things that we excel in. I’m not naive. I know where my strengths and weaknesses lie. One of my weaknesses is that I don’t introduce new exercises very often. I said that I know this is an area I could improve on, but I don’t feel the need to right now. I chalked it up to laziness. You see, I was always told how lazy I was while growing up. I loved to read, but my stepfather thought fiction was lazy. You should always be trying to learn something.

One of my ladies pointed out that it wasn’t laziness, it was my engineering brain. I worked hard to develop different formats that target all the body parts. Different formats focus on intervals or kickboxing or isolating one side then the other. Her comment was that once I “solved” the problem, I didn’t see a need to return to it.

How liberating! Is there anything in your life that you have negative self talk? Do you have things from your childhood that you repeat to yourself still? Maybe it’s time to look at those labels!!

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