5 Relationship Skills

Relationships, no matter whether family, friends, or romantic, require our effort. Here are 5 skills to create and maintain healthy relationships.

1. Communicate Your Needs. It does no good to assume that the other person should know what we want. Use your words. Be clear.

2. Be Present. It’s easy to get distracted. We are so busy and then have phones, TV, the computer. Take time to actually put it all down and really listen to the other person.

3. You don’t have to voice your every thought. No one can annoy us like the people we spend a lot of time with. You can and should stop yourself from asking why they breathe so loudly. This one is about the minor annoyances, not the big issues.

4. Appreciate each other. Take time to express to each other the things you appreciate. Remind yourself of the value they add to your life.

5. Have fun. Every relationship takes work, but it shouldn’t all be work. The relationship should give you just as much as you give it.

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