Take the Leap!

Hey y’all, Jessie here! Sharing the good news of a big girl purchase! Gabe and I bought two brand new cars this weekend. I know, crazy! But I learned a lot about taking risks in the car dealership world that I thought I could translate into real life! See below for a guide to taking … More Take the Leap!

Move It or Lose It

It’s been over a year of Covid now. Among other things, I bet your exercise routine took a hit. I was able to go back to teaching my exercise classes in June. I’ll never forget how wonderful it felt! I tried to keep active during quarantine. I walked and did online classes. It just wasn’t … More Move It or Lose It

Practice Gratitude

We live in Texas. If you’ve watched the news recently, we resemble the apocalypse right now. As I write this, we’ve been frozen for a week, snow on top of ice on top of snow on top of ice! For perspective, we usually get a minor dusting of snow every 3-5 years. It was in … More Practice Gratitude

What To Do If You Don’t Feel Well, Physically Or Mentally

This answer is for both physical and mental health. For physical health, it is common for us to take over the counter medicine, rest, and take care of ourselves when we don’t feel well. When you’ve done everything that you know to do, and don’t feel better or get worse, go see a medical doctor! … More What To Do If You Don’t Feel Well, Physically Or Mentally