Ways to Love Someone That You Don’t Particularly Like

Humanize them: We are all individuals with our own hopes and dreams. No one can completely walk in your shoes. Recognize that other people may have different motivations driving their opinions, a different hierarchy of issues. If all else fails, see the hurt inner child they may have inside. Find something in common: Find something, … More Ways to Love Someone That You Don’t Particularly Like

Happy New Year

Take some time today to reflect on the gifts this year has brought you. I know it’s been a year for the ages, but I always like to look for the gifts in the challenges. Now turn your attention to this coming year. What do you hope for? What gifts will you be grateful for … More Happy New Year

Whispers of Fear

One of the parting gifts of having a challenging childhood is that when things are going well, fear starts whispering that something is going to go wrong. You have a hard time enjoying happy things because you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. I definitely feel this in my life! Right now with the … More Whispers of Fear

Never Will I Ever

One thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older, is to stop thinking in absolutes. I can’t tell you the number of times I claimed that I would absolutely NEVER _____! And then, of course, I had to eat my words. There is a time and place for being resolute in our goals, for not giving … More Never Will I Ever