Q&A What Does it Look Like to Love Others Well, But Still Put Your Needs First?

From Lisa: This is a great question.  We have probably all heard that you cannot withdraw money from an empty bank account, meaning that if you are exhausted and have nothing left, then you have nothing left to give.  I kept this thought in my mind for years. I would notice myself getting short tempered … More Q&A What Does it Look Like to Love Others Well, But Still Put Your Needs First?

Troubled Times

From Lisa: I work so hard to stay positive in life. No matter what is handed to me, I always try to find the lesson or the silver lining. And Covid is no exception, I have found plenty of positive outcomes from this pandemic… But it has taken so much away from us too. It … More Troubled Times

Move That Body

From Elaina: I was never really physically active as a child. I always felt uncoordinated. We moved a lot and I assumed that everyone at my new school had already learned how to play volleyball, softball, soccer, whatever. My preteen years were spent in the middle of the desert, so there were no kids to … More Move That Body

Excerpt from Her Healing: A Workbook for Grieving Mothers

From Andi Thompson, author of the blog heysweetmama.com: We have an amazing capacity to create. I’d take it as far to say I believe we were born to create. Here’s an excerpt from my book Her Healing: A Workbook for Grieving Mothers focusing on allowing our creative capacity to be a part of our healing.  … More Excerpt from Her Healing: A Workbook for Grieving Mothers

Gift from God

From Lisa: For the last 10 days I have been sick. Very, very sick. The kind of sick where you don’t leave your bed; you miss work; you live on soup, broth, crackers and ginger ale; you check out. So it may seem fake or contrived when I tell you that I have felt so … More Gift from God

Rewrite the Story

From Elaina: The other day, I was driving with my daughter and a car came off the highway, zoomed across all three lanes of the service road, and cut right in front of me to turn right, then continued on to drive down the wrong side of the road. Luckily, I slammed on my brakes … More Rewrite the Story

Lessons Learned

From Lisa: Have you ever paid very close attention to a stressful or difficult situation? At that very moment, every single person involved has the opportunity to learn, better themselves, or stay stagnant. Sometimes it’s easy to see how the scenario should teach one a lesson, but did you ever stop to think that maybe … More Lessons Learned

Be Here

From Elaina: I don’t know about y’all, but this time in history has wrecked havoc on my mental health. My baseline anxiety level is a lot higher than normal. Things in my life and the world seem to be changing drastically and rapidly. I came across the following Petition for Presence by Morgan Day Cecil … More Be Here

My Voice

From Lisa: When I was young, I had all of the answers; I fought all the fights; I stood up for every underdog. When I was young I yelled and became animated as I defended my position. I was convinced that my voice should be heard when I wanted, where I wanted and to whom … More My Voice