This Too Shall Pass

Without social media memories, can you say what your biggest fears, worries or triumphs were 6 months ago? Two years ago? Five years ago? Our immediate concerns have a way of mellowing with time. Of course, there are life altering events that will always have an effect on us, but even those won’t be as … More This Too Shall Pass

Whispers of Fear

One of the parting gifts of having a challenging childhood is that when things are going well, fear starts whispering that something is going to go wrong. You have a hard time enjoying happy things because you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. I definitely feel this in my life! Right now with the … More Whispers of Fear

How Can I Stay Upbeat and Positive During COVID?

From Elaina: Honestly, we can change the last word of this question to war, death, illness, breakups, any of the big challenges we face. COVID is slightly different in that we are all in this challenge together at the same time. But even through this time of anxiety and grieving, life is continuing. Along with … More How Can I Stay Upbeat and Positive During COVID?

No More What Ifs

Elaina’s daughter, Becca, wrote this week’s blog: I’m very happy and excited to say that I’ve recently been selected as a counselor for Fish Camp, an extended orientation program for freshmen entering college at Texas A&M University, which is where I go to school. This selection process was very competitive as almost 3000 students applied … More No More What Ifs

Resistance is Futile

From Elaina: I’ve been reading What’s in the Way is the Way by Mary O’Malley. One of the topics that struck me in this book is about how impermanent each moment is. Life spoiler alert here…there is only one way out. The impermanence isn’t just our lives, our friends and family, but in actuality, every … More Resistance is Futile