It’s Fall Y’all

Something magical is starting to happen! It’s still in the 90s in Texas, but the air is changing. The mornings are starting to have a hint of coolness. There are new possibilities in the air! It’s almost time for me to put out my Dia de los Muertos decorations (I am obsessed)! I’ve always loved … More It’s Fall Y’all

Lack Thinking

I had an ego blow the other day. Someone else got something that I wanted. I got disgruntled and indulged in lack thinking. For a moment, I forgot that there is enough for all of us. Just because someone else got it doesn’t mean that they took it away from me. I went ahead and … More Lack Thinking

Ways to Love Someone That You Don’t Particularly Like

Humanize them: We are all individuals with our own hopes and dreams. No one can completely walk in your shoes. Recognize that other people may have different motivations driving their opinions, a different hierarchy of issues. If all else fails, see the hurt inner child they may have inside. Find something in common: Find something, … More Ways to Love Someone That You Don’t Particularly Like