How Can I Stay Upbeat and Positive During COVID?

From Elaina: Honestly, we can change the last word of this question to war, death, illness, breakups, any of the big challenges we face. COVID is slightly different in that we are all in this challenge together at the same time. But even through this time of anxiety and grieving, life is continuing. Along with … More How Can I Stay Upbeat and Positive During COVID?

Why Wait?

From Elaina: When my mother downsized her house, I got her wedding china. My oldest sister asked why I was getting it. My mother replied that when I was young and it was my turn to set the table, I always asked if we could use the pretty dishes. I’ve often wondered why we save … More Why Wait?


From Lisa: Music has the ability to conjure up deep emotion, set the mood, relieve stress, bring back old forgotten memories, or take us away to sublime peace and joy. Music is so essential to life that we often take it for granted. Sometimes not even realizing it’s gone until we hear a certain song … More Music


From Lisa: Have you ever noticed that most of the shackles we find ourselves in are created by us? We create the rules that bind us, try desperately to live up to unattainable standards and cram activities into our lives at a feverish pace. We spend countless hours working to be the best mom, best … More Freedom