Know Your Body

We all have stories of knowing that we had something off with our health, finally going to the doctor, then having it confirmed. Oftentimes, we delay going to the doctor because, “It’s probably all in my head.” You know your body than anyone else!! We need to pay attention to what’s going on with it, … More Know Your Body


I never realized how much my need for planning was intertwined with my anxiety. Since I started taking Zoloft a couple of months ago, I’ve been a lot more adaptable. I used to plan for every eventuality. It gave me comfort to plan for the worst. If I had a plan for the worst, then … More Adaptability


I read something the other day about how this pandemic is a shared trauma. People who didn’t have a big trauma previous to this are experiencing this anew. Those of us with previous traumas are be triggered. It’s interesting because I am extremely lucky and haven’t had big, personal experiences with Covid. I felt scared … More Triggered

What To Do If You Don’t Feel Well, Physically Or Mentally

This answer is for both physical and mental health. For physical health, it is common for us to take over the counter medicine, rest, and take care of ourselves when we don’t feel well. When you’ve done everything that you know to do, and don’t feel better or get worse, go see a medical doctor! … More What To Do If You Don’t Feel Well, Physically Or Mentally

Whispers of Fear

One of the parting gifts of having a challenging childhood is that when things are going well, fear starts whispering that something is going to go wrong. You have a hard time enjoying happy things because you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. I definitely feel this in my life! Right now with the … More Whispers of Fear