5 Relationship Skills

Relationships, no matter whether family, friends, or romantic, require our effort. Here are 5 skills to create and maintain healthy relationships. 1. Communicate Your Needs. It does no good to assume that the other person should know what we want. Use your words. Be clear. 2. Be Present. It’s easy to get distracted. We are … More 5 Relationship Skills

Ways to Love Someone That You Don’t Particularly Like

Humanize them: We are all individuals with our own hopes and dreams. No one can completely walk in your shoes. Recognize that other people may have different motivations driving their opinions, a different hierarchy of issues. If all else fails, see the hurt inner child they may have inside. Find something in common: Find something, … More Ways to Love Someone That You Don’t Particularly Like

Q&A How Do I Know if This is “True Love”?

From Elaina: All relationships, including friendships, go through phases. There is the first spark, where everything is fun and exciting. This is the phase where you can’t believe how much you agree on everything. You love being around “your person” all the time! Eventually, that initial spark wears down in almost every relationship. Things get … More Q&A How Do I Know if This is “True Love”?


From Lisa I have so much to be grateful for lately.  My youngest graduated from high school and many people came to celebrate this momentous occasion.  For two weeks, we were visited by family and friends.  People that have poured into my daughter for years and years.  The village that helped me raise her.  Words … More Gratitude