Q&A What Does it Look Like to Love Others Well, But Still Put Your Needs First?

From Lisa: This is a great question.  We have probably all heard that you cannot withdraw money from an empty bank account, meaning that if you are exhausted and have nothing left, then you have nothing left to give.  I kept this thought in my mind for years. I would notice myself getting short tempered … More Q&A What Does it Look Like to Love Others Well, But Still Put Your Needs First?

Move That Body

From Elaina: I was never really physically active as a child. I always felt uncoordinated. We moved a lot and I assumed that everyone at my new school had already learned how to play volleyball, softball, soccer, whatever. My preteen years were spent in the middle of the desert, so there were no kids to … More Move That Body

Gift from God

From Lisa: For the last 10 days I have been sick. Very, very sick. The kind of sick where you don’t leave your bed; you miss work; you live on soup, broth, crackers and ginger ale; you check out. So it may seem fake or contrived when I tell you that I have felt so … More Gift from God

Shine On!

From Elaina: Most mornings, I say the same prayer: “I am grateful for being so filled with light and grace that it flows from me. Thank you for guiding me to the who, what, where, and when for my greatest good and where I can influence the greater good.” Truthfully, I’m not feeling really full … More Shine On!

Why Wait?

From Elaina: When my mother downsized her house, I got her wedding china. My oldest sister asked why I was getting it. My mother replied that when I was young and it was my turn to set the table, I always asked if we could use the pretty dishes. I’ve often wondered why we save … More Why Wait?